Attention to the early laying of geomembrane

Qu'elle soit monocoque, béton maçonnerie ou béton en coffrage perdu, bois ou en kit c'est ici qu'on parle des techniques de construction des piscines.
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Attention to the early laying of geomembrane

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Attention to the early laying of hdpe smooth geomembrane

Geotextile membrane construction, must pay attention to all kinds of circumstances, once the impact is big after the error, so in the construction must pay special attention to, especially to pay attention to laying should not be too tight, not wrinkle, Mosaic to be firm.Thickness is not less than 0.25mm, too thin may produce porosity, and easy to damage in the construction and reduce the anti-seepage effect.

The laying of composite geomembrane should be strictly in accordance with the technical specifications of construction, good preparation, laying, splicing, inspection and backfilling and other five quality.

1. In order to prevent the early hydration caused by rain water, 3-5cm thick cement mortar should be laid after the construction of bedding layer to prevent the early hydration caused by the contact of waterproof layer with water. In general the asshole aggregate compaction is no less than 10cm.

2. Geotextile fabric - film lap shall be at least 15cm in length and 25cm in length, and shall be fixed with nails and washers 30cm apart.

3, after the construction of bentonite waterproof blanket, construction personnel must pay attention to prevent the damage of bentonite cushion. Check whether the bentonite waterproof layer is lost before proceeding to the next process. If there is any loss or damage, use sealant or repair.

4. If there is water vapor on the ground, drainage measures should be taken before laying to prevent early hydration of products. ... 22757.html
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