Welding of geomembranes

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Welding of geomembranes

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Welding of geomembranes

1. Heat transfer welding process is divided into: adjust the pressure, set the temperature, set the speed, welding seam lap inspection, film into the machine, start the motor, pressure welding.

2. There shall be no oil or dust on the joints, HDPE geomembrane lap surface should not be sandwiched with sand and other debris, when there are sundries must be cleaned before welding.

3. At the beginning of welding every day, a 0.9mm 0.3mm sample must be tried welding on site, with the lap width not less than 10cm, the stripping and shearing tests were carried out on site with a tension machine.After the sample is qualified, it can be used for welding with the speed, pressure and temperature adjusted at that time.Date, time and ambient temperature should be marked on the sample. Heat qieer welding machine in the welding process, need to pay attention to the operation of the welding machine at any time, according to the actual situation of the site to fine-tune the speed and temperature.

4. The welding seam shall be neat and beautiful, and there shall be no skid welding or jumping away.

5. When the length of the geomembrane hdpe liner supplier is insufficient, long-distance splicing is required. The transverse welds should be welded first and then the longitudinal joints should be welded. The transverse welds should be T-shaped at a distance of more than 50cm, and should not be crossed.

6. Adjacent geomagnetic film welds should be overlapped with staggered joints as far as possible, and the joints formed between film blocks should be t-shaped, so as to minimize the cross shape, and extruded welder should be used to strengthen the longitudinal mode to the intersection of welds.

7. No dead folding is allowed during welding. When laying HDPE geomembrane, the amount of stretching deformation caused by temperature change shall be reserved according to the local temperature change range and the performance requirements of HDPE geomembrane sheet.

8. When the temperature of the portable welding machine control indicated by welding temperature below 200 ℃, with a clean cloth or cotton dust and welding, when necessary to burnish, hand brush try of avoid by all means.

9. When there is condensation, moisture, sediment and other effects at the joints, the welding shall be carried out after treatment.

10. Welding shall not be carried out during rain or in the case of moisture, dew, or heavy sand in the joints, unless protective measures are taken.

11. The temperature is below 5 ℃, should not be construction in accordance with the specification requirements, if must construction, for welding machine preheating before welding processing.

12. During the welding process of the extrusion welding machine, the slide block of the nozzle should be checked frequently. If the wear is serious, the slide block should be replaced in time to avoid damage to the film surface.

13. The waterproof geomembrane shall be supplied by a generator with good voltage stability during welding. In special cases, when local electricity is used, a voltage regulator must be used.
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